Conference Keynote: The Future of the AP Program

In 2021, I gave the keynote address for a conference for AP educators around the country. During this talk I discussed the past, present, and future of standardized testing and the AP program in general to provide some context and background for teachers.

Netflix Documentary: Operation Varsity Blues

In 2019, the FBI released indictments against more than 50 people related to paying bribes and committing fraud in order to get into college. I consulted with the producters as they produced this documentary and provided on-screen compentary.

CBSN: University of California goes test optional

The University of California system will no longer require students to submit ACT and SAT test scores as a part of their college application requirements. Akil Bello, the senior director of advocacy and advancement for The National Center for Fair and Open Testing, joined CBSN to discuss.

EdCast 150: The Optional SAT and College Admissions

Linda Hirsch speaks with Akil Bello of Why are more colleges going “test optional”? What will be the effect of this diminished reliance on the SAT and ACT for determining college admissions?

MSNBC’s Morning Joe: The Test and the Art of Thinking

I join Morning Joe to discuss a documentary on admissions testing.

Harlem Business Alliance Summit

At the 10th annual summit, I discussed the 10 Greatest Mistakes I made as an entrepreneur.


I join Ken Anselment and discuss my career path.