The Dire Consequences of Teaching Ambiguity

"test" of dubious veracityRecently I came across this image on the Book of Faces (the book that makes you learn surprising and frightening things about people you thought you knew and now might not want to know. But I digress.) and number of people who seem to miss core issues that this image brings to a head surprises me. While for many this image shows a funny creative student who probably didn’t study and tried to get away with it; for me this test is an example of one of the reasons that many students struggle on admissions tests (and other standardized tests). It is also indicative of how enforced conformation to societal “norms” stymies our most creative thinkers. Yup, for me, this test is an indictment of not the student but the educational system that doesn’t properly train teachers or students. It’s an indictment of the refusal of many of those in power to look inward and acknowledge their own errors and flaws.

And for many students, especially our most vulnerable, this is indicative of the type of interaction that hurts their educational progress, stymies their growth, and ill-prepares them for future tests and future work. But don’t take my word for it, let’s breakdown what’s going on in this image.

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