T3$T P@#P part 2: the illegitimate stepchild of education

When most educators and parents hear the words “test prep” you immediately see the corners of their mouths curl up in a snarl of disgust, disdain, derision, and other d-words. What is “test prep” and why does it inspire such misplaced ire and disdain from students, parents, and educators The […]


Did Khan Pull Out His Disruptor? 5

Over the last few days, I’ve been texted, tweeted, gchatted, emailed and called about the release of College Board’s/Khan Academy’s SAT prep resources. I’ve been forwarded article, after article, after article, about the playing field leveling that College Board is touting its partnership with Khan Academy will bring.  I’ve been […]


The no-newer-than-any-other-test-you’ve-never-taken SAT 1

As we approach the launch of the latest iteration of the SAT, more and more students, counselors, and parents are becoming worried about the “new SAT” and how these changes are going to impact scores and college admissions. These concerns have ranged from reasonable (is there some different that is […]


The Dire Consequences of Teaching Ambiguity 3

Recently I came across this image on the Book of Faces (the book that makes you learn surprising and frightening things about people you thought you knew and now might not want to know. But I digress.) and number of people who seem to miss core issues that this image […]

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The Questions I Get Asked

Recently, I was invited by a small group of mothers to a home to discuss the college admissions process and standardized testing. These moms are well to do and college educated. They are also mostly African-American. Among the many questions and topics of discussion were the questions listed below. I’m […]


A Tale of Two College Processes

With close of the “college application season,” I’m once again reminded of the stark differences in the college application process for students from low income families and that for the 1%. With every blog or article I read, I’m continually reminded how divided America is in every way. Divided informationally. […]

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Poor critiques and bad logic

so many of the critiques of the SAT and testing in general are bad. 1. It doesn’t tests what its not supposed to test 2. it doesn’t tests what i want tested 3. It’s not everything so it should be nothing   good critiques http://www.usnews.com/opinion/articles/2013/09/06/why-the-sats-shouldnt-be-a-factor-in-college-admissions  


The Perils of Calculator Permission 6

As the College Board gears up to launch the revised SAT in March of 2016, one of the changes coming is a seemingly minor revision of the rules for the Math sections. This revision will change the 20 year old policy that has allowed the indiscriminate the use of calculators on […]



The Sky is Falling! 1

Among my least favorite things that come with the fall season are pumpkin spice everything, the college ranking freak out, and the data misinterpretation that stems from the release of the yearly state SAT scores. Each year after the College Board releases data on the average scores you get a […]