This is my bio and as bio it’s written in the third person, either that or I’m really really pretentious.

Akil Bello is a supplemental education and test-preparation expert with more than two decades of experience. Beginning as a proctor with the Princeton Review in 1990, Akil has worked in every level of test preparation from proctor to CEO, he has helped launch two companies, developed dozens of preparation programs for more than ten different high-stakes tests, trained hundreds of instructors, and helped thousands of students achieve success.

Akil was founding partner and CEO for Bell Curves, a test preparation company where he worked extensively to building community partnerships and programs. As an active member in his community, Akil routinely provides advice and workshops on test preparation and achieving educational success with limited resources. Some of the notable speaking engagements include the PhD Project Annual Conference, the Harlem Business Alliance 2013 Summit, Yale School of Management Explore Diversity Weekend, Graduate Management Admissions Council Annual Conference, KIPP Schools Summit, and National Partnership for Education Alliance Annual Conference.

Akil’s current role is the Director of Equity and Access, where his focus is helping public schools, non-profit organizations, and community based organizations understand standardize tests and develop affordable solutions for their students.  Akil holds a Bachelor’s of Architecture from Pratt Institute and resides in New York City with his beautiful wife and two amazing sons.

Here are a few of my speaking engagements that have been recorded and live on the interwebs:



C3N SAT Prep from C3N DC on Vimeo.

A few presentations I’ve done:


A few articles I’ve contributed to:

Daily News Op-Ed: SHSAT test changes: Too timid to improve diversity

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Other things that exist online:

Back when I was under 40 I got a 40 under 40 award

Some folks interviewed me about entrepreneurship and Black Enterprise featured me and my brother.


Books I’ve contributed to or been mentioned in:

The Princeton Review Accelerated LSAT In-Class Casebook 2006-2007

Cracking the New York City Specialized High Schools Admissions Test

Cracking the GMAT

The Perfect Score Project


I wrote a thing about prepping for the LSAT: