Who Wins With SAT and ACT School Day?

This is a draft.. I never finished it.. but i’m tired of working on it so it goes up as is.

This past fall NYC DOE officially announced their participation in College Board’s SAT School Day program. This program had been quietly piloted in 40 schools in March of 2015, is being expanded to 90ish schools in spring of 2016, until it finally encompasses all of the approximately 496 NYC public high schools in 2017. Naturally, being the eduprenerd (educator + entrepreneur + nerd) and test prep wonk that I am, this rekindled my interest in the SAT School Day Program and sparked the following analysis of its implications, benefits, and drawbacks.

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T3$T P@#P part 2: the illegitimate stepchild of education

When most educators and parents hear the words “test prep” you immediately see the corners of their mouths curl up in a snarl of disgust, disdain, derision, and other d-words. What is “test prep” and why does it inspire such misplaced ire and disdain from students, parents, and educators

The hostility that many teachers and educators show toward the time they spend “preparing students for tests” and the rhetoric surrounding that characterization surprises and befuddles me.

The disdain for that many educators show for test prep is confusing to me because while they will rant for hours about the time wasted on “test prep,” the people who can clearly articulate what test

This reaction always befuddles me as they think of hours of wasted time as for children drill in the nuances of filling in bubbles on a Scantron form. As a 20 year vet of the test prep industry, I’m torn about the validity of this assessment and would like to weigh in on this topic and perhaps add some clarity and color to a discussion that is far from black and white.

The key issue with this reaction is that it overlooks the fundamental truths of testing and it disassociates “regular” classroom learning from whats tested All instruction is test preparation. When a child learns something new he is