SAT Disambiguation – Founding Documents and the Great Global Conversation 5

In my continuing effort to understand the rhetoric behind and disambiguate the marketing jargon used to describe the redesigned SAT (henceforth referred to as SAT version 15 or SAT v15.0), today I’ll explore what the College Board means by Founding Documents and the Great Global Conversation. This high-highfalutin and important […]

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Stanford shows they’re not so smart after all 3

Making the rounds in the college world this week is the story of Stanford University’s “demand”* that college applicant Malala Yousafzai take the SAT. Correction, that’s Noble Laureate, educational activist, assassination attempt survivor, and still “kicking ass and taking names” while advocating for education for women, 18-year-old Malala Yousafzai. Stanford […]

Skills, Skills, Skills – Do you have those testing skills? 3

While hate-reading some articles posted online over the weekend, I ended up looking on College Board’s website for a reference link to share with one of my twitter buddies and lo and behold I found this awesome new College Board tagline. Apparently College Board has decided that to help convince […]

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New SAT – How Hard is It?

Earlier this August, the College Board released raw score to scaled score conversion charts for the redesigned SAT, giving the world the final piece of the puzzle to the structure, format, and scoring of this, the newest version of the SAT. With this last nugget of information, we in the test prep […]

T3$T P@#P part 2: the illegitimate stepchild of education 1

When most educators and parents hear the words “test prep” you immediately see the corners of their mouths curl up in a snarl of disgust, disdain, derision, and other d-words. What is “test prep” and why does it inspire such misplaced ire and disdain from students, parents, and educators The […]

Did Khan Pull Out His Disruptor? 5

Over the last few days, I’ve been texted, tweeted, gchatted, emailed and called about the release of College Board’s/Khan Academy’s SAT prep resources. I’ve been forwarded article, after article, after article, about the playing field leveling that College Board is touting its partnership with Khan Academy will bring.  I’ve been […]



In the Game of Tests You Win or You Die 1

This morning, as I waited for the Khan Academy to make available its “thousands of College Board/Khan Academy designed practice items” and its four official redesigned SAT practice tests, I caught up on Game of Thrones (and if you don’t know about GOT immediately stop reading this blog and go […]

The no-newer-than-any-other-test-you’ve-never-taken SAT 1

As we approach the launch of the latest iteration of the SAT, more and more students, counselors, and parents are becoming worried about the “new SAT” and how these changes are going to impact scores and college admissions. These concerns have ranged from reasonable (is there some different that is […]

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The Dire Consequences of Teaching Ambiguity 3

Recently I came across this image on the Book of Faces (the book that makes you learn surprising and frightening things about people you thought you knew and now might not want to know. But I digress.) and number of people who seem to miss core issues that this image […]